Our vast experience of Bonsai shipments ensures your requirements for quality and service.

We are one of the leading companies with over 20 years of experience in terms of the export of high quality Bonsai plants.
Our Online Catalogue is not only utilized by major clients all over the world, but also by smaller companies.

Prior to shipment all orders undergo strict inspection under quarantine conditions.

Orders are strictly to trade and professional bodies only.

BONSAI On-line catalog

Our Online Catalogue has a large assortment from pre-Bonsai to top quality mature Bonsai.
We prepare over 1000 items each year, depending on your requirements and tastes and you can select from your desk directly.

We have established contacts with Bonsai nurseries all over Japan to guarantee you on-time and quality deliveries.

In our Online Catalogue there may be some items which are not allowed into your country and you are requested to check with your country's regulations prior to ordering.

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We need to reiterate that we can only accept enquiries from trade or professional bodies.

BONSAI TOOLS On-line catalog

The price will be give to you in accordance with your number of each order.
To give your a competitive price, we are in a position to negociate your expected price.
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However, our aim is to supply you always " Top Quality Tools ".
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